Problems with Lithuanian LIDAR data availability

Translated by Google Translator.

It was already clear that the 3D models creating and resurveying of the Lithuanian Iron Age hillforts would not be successful as quickly as the ones in Latvia and Estonia, but the political situation in Europe has made it even more difficult.

Lithuanian Lidar data was a priori already available only through, where not direct data download is allowed, but the formation of data packages (4 data fields each). After designing the data packages, you have to electronically sign a license agreement for each package and then wait for someone to approve it.

At first, everything seemed to go relatively smoothly, but soon strange things started – if at first I was able to complete 10 data packages (5 with orthophoto, 5 with Lidar fields), the Lithuanian side gradually started to slow down with approving applications, referring to some kind of limits that do not exist anywhere published and previously did not cause problems.

Only when I started direct communication with the support service, after long discussions, I was given an email address so that I could directly communicate with the direct holder of the data – the Lithuanian Land Service. It was only there that I was finally officially told that the release of data is restricted due to the war in Ukraine, but I can try to get the data on the hard drive, before starting a long bureaucratic procedure.

So the first step has been taken – the application has been written, the hard drive is with friends in Lithuania. All that remains is to wait until my application for receiving data meanders through the offices 🙂

In the meantime, I’m back to digitally re-surveying the hillforts of Poland.